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The authors and artists are now revealed! The master list is now updated.

Authors and artists, you may now cross-post as you please. If you do so, you can also leave a comment at the LJ copy of this post with your links, and I'll add those links to the master list. If you choose to post meta about your fic or the process, you can link that here as well, and I'll add it to the list unless you indicate I shouldn't.

Artists, if you have modified final versions of art, please let the authors know the links. Authors, if you need help updating your links to art, add me to the AO3 fic as a coauthor and send me the updated link, and I'll add that link for you before removing myself as coauthor.

The only person to post guesses was [livejournal.com profile] tridget, who got every single one correct. Congratulations!
No one submitted anything formally for the "bonus round". However, the collection includes an extra fic that was turned in a few hours after I announced the closure of the collection: Anicient Ghosts by [livejournal.com profile] chimeradragon. I've revealed this work with the rest of the collection, so there's one more story this year than originally announced!
This was my first year as mod of anything, and it's certainly been exciting. There were definitely mistakes, confusion, problems, and disagreements, but I think everything worked out in the end, and I can emphatically state it's been a learning experience.

I want to thank every single author, artist, and co-mod for participating and for having patience with me. My particular thanks go to those who provided pinch-hits, created art for multiple works, fought through complications with my handling or with AO3, or kept me informed early of statuses. Thank you!
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I finally have a working computer again! To celebrate, I'm announcing a future announcement: I will reveal this year's authors on Monday 25 June. I'm picking this date as a combination of the "about a week" responses I got from the prior poll, waiting through AO3's busier weekend activity, and personal convenience.

(Folks said that, in part, they'd like time to make guesses. So ... go! Guess!)

Incidentally, as I mentioned, I've had computer problems lately; if you're waiting for a response from me, you may want to poke me. I'll eventually be going through my email to catch up with any prior comments, but that may take rather a while. I apologize for any delay and inconvenience.
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The 2012 Genficathon (main round) is now closed! You can see the full collection here, or you can follow the direct individual-work links below. This post will also serve as the master list; once authors are revealed, I'll update this listing with names. At that point, once folks start cross-posting, I'll also add alternate-location links here if they're provided to me.

I will post details on the bonus round, as well as a poll asking when to reveal the authors, later this afternoon or tonight; I'll try to have that posted before midnight US EDT.

If you've enjoyed a fic or its art, please don't forget to let the author/artist know! (Each artwork has its own page for this fest.)

Authors and fics below the cut ... )
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(I'll post an update this afternoon on whether this is the last fic or if there will be one more.)

Category: Action/Adventure
Title: Hot Springs and Cotton Candy
Prompt(s): Where have you been?; Cotton candy
Additional Content Notes: Female Friendship
Wordcount: 3658
Summary: Elizabeth, Kate and Teyla enjoy a day off.

Story: Hot Springs and Cotton Candy
Pinch-hit art #1: title graphic by theeverdream; story graphic by theeverdream
Pinch-hit art #2: by clwilson2006
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[personal profile] tridget just pointed out an interesting and rather annoying phenomenon: If direct work links are used, the art and fics at AO3 are generally available; but if the "expanded" collection link is used, folks not logged in at AO3 may get 404 errors.

This is not something I anticipated (certainly not something I planned). I had thought I was using direct links, but for two three ("The Bridge" and its art, "Grit" and its art; "Land of Shadows"), I inadvertently linked the collection version.

The difference is this:
Direct link to "Grit": http://archiveofourown.org/works/420972
Collection link to "Grit": http://archiveofourown.org/collections/SGA_GenFicathon_2012/works/420972

The sharp-eyed will notice that the difference seems only to be the insertion of collections/SGA_GenFicathon_2012/ in the link address.

So if you're getting 404 errors and the link you've gone to is the expanded version, please try stripping out that part. I've gone back to fix the links in the LJ comm, and I'll fix the links at the DW mirror and the Noticeboards once I'm out of my training class at work. I apologize for any confusion or fic inaccessibility.

Revised links:
The Bridge
Art for The Bridge
Art for Grit
Land of Shadows

For the curious: We have either one or two fics left for this year's fest; I'll know more by this evening (US EDT), and I'll indicate which in tomorrow's reveal.
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Category: Team
Title: The Best Man
Prompt(s): Silver machine; Dark, dank and spooky; Universal truths
Additional Content Notes: n/a
Wordcount: 9871
Summary: In the aftermath of Enemy at the Gate, team Atlantis discovers that it has a little more mopping up to do.

Story: The Best Man
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Category: Angst
Title: The rusty wire gives way
Prompt(s): [Freestyle]
Additional Content Notes: Angst, Apocalypse, Nuclear Warfare, Dark, Post-Canon
Wordcount: 2721
Summary: How do you move on when your own history proves you don't need to?

Story: The rusty wire gives way
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(Slight last-second schedule tweak, sorry.)

Category: Humor
Title: Five Things Rodney Learned (while held against his will)
Prompt(s): Five things
Additional Content Notes: Angst, Humor
Wordcount: 2107
Summary: Rodney keeps getting into situations - and keeps learning from them!

Story: Five Things Rodney Learned (while held against his will)
Art: Art for 'Five Things Rodney Learned (while held against his will)'
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Category: Friendship
Title: Chipping Stone
Prompt(s): [Freestyle]
Additional Content Notes: [Background canon pairings], Divorce, Friendship, Pre-Canon, Episode: s04e15 Outcast, Family, Dysfunctional Family
Wordcount: 3572
Summary: "Having someone who understands is a great blessing for ourselves. Being someone who understands is a great blessing to others."

Story: Chipping Stone
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As a general rule, I've been trying to reveal each day's fic (or fic + art) post before 10am US EDT. (Actually, I've been aiming for between 7am and 8am, but see icon.) I chose this time in part because it gives a good overlap between European and US waking-hours exposure (sorry, Australia and Southeastern Asia) ... but I also chose it to give the works a good amount of exposure time before AO3's recurring State of Overwhelm during US late-afternoon-and-evening hours. That window, as well as Sunday in general, has been their peak demand period.

I've never before gotten 502s at AO3 on a Monday morning, much less only 502s.

[ETA: I meant to mention: They're aware of the overload, and they're working on it. The most recent spikes are likely due in large part to Fanfiction.net's recent purge and the scramble by folks to rescue their fics; the waiting-for-an-invitation queue is at 17,000 right now, while the invitation rate is held to something like 100 per day to try to prevent just such problems as they've been seeing lately.]

Because I can't get into the archive, I can't "reveal" the fic, so even if I had the direct link (which, thanks to poor planning, I don't), it wouldn't work.

Please rest assured that we do have a Friendship Week 2 fic to enjoy. I'll keep trying throughout the day, and as soon as I'm able to update the fic status to "revealed" and grab its URL, I'll post the links here and at the noticeboard.

I'm sorry for the delay.
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Category: Supporting Character Appreciation
Title: Write Her Name in the Sky
Prompt(s): [Freestyle]
Additional Content Notes: Family, Post-Series
Wordcount: 2332
Summary: Meredith was going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Story: Write Her Name in the Sky
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Category: AU
Title: Land of Shadows
Prompt(s): The shadow of the past; Who cares for the caregivers?
Additional Content Notes: Alternate Universe, Team, Adventure
Wordcount: 4404
Summary: The Carter-O'Neill Expeditionary Force was looking for the greatest treasure of the ancient world. John and his team found it.

Story: Land of Shadows
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Category: Action/Adventure
Title: Grit
Prompt(s): Like death warmed over
Additional Content Notes: Team, Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Friendship
Wordcount: 10,534
Summary: When a routine mission goes wrong, John and his team find out that sometimes in the wilds of the Pegasus galaxy, you’re not always on the top of the food chain.

Story: Grit
Art: Art for 'Grit'
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Category: Team
Title: Toast - cut five ways
Prompt(s): "Five things"
Additional Content Notes: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Team
Wordcount: 7140
Summary: Ficlets-5 ways Sheppard and his team (but mostly Sheppard) are ... toast (1); eating toast/not hungry (2); toasty (3); raising a toast (4); toast of the town/celebrated (5).

Story: Toast - cut five ways
Art: Team ... toast!
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Category: Humor
Title: Stayin' Alive
Prompt(s): [Freestyle]
Additional Content Notes: Seventies, mustaches, Humor, Action/Adventure, Team, Porn
Rating: Explicit. This gen fanwork includes explicit sexual content.
Wordcount: 13719
Summary: Trapped in 1972, John gets an offer he can't refuse, and the pornstache he's always wanted. But what happens when the whole team goes back to the Seventies to rescue him?

Story and art: Stayin' Alive
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Category: Angst
Title: Clipped
Prompt(s): [Freestyle]
Additional Content Notes: Alternate Universe, Wingfic, Torture, Aftermath of Torture, Angst, Vignette
Wordcount: 3624
Summary: When a Scholar is attacked and mutilated, a Healer takes extraordinary measures to save him. A Guardian is then tasked to protect them both.

Story: Clipped
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Category: Friendship
Title: The Bridge
Prompt(s): "When you try your best but you don't succeed / When you get what you want but not what you need / When you feel so tired but you can't sleep / Stuck in reverse" ("Fix You", Coldplay)
Additional Content Notes: Alternate Universe, Friendship, Male-Female Friendship, Alternate Universe - Thieves
Wordcount: 1934
Summary: They're a team of highway robbers - really not that great highway robbers, though, so maybe focus on the team part

Story: The Bridge
Art: Art for 'The Bridge'
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Today is of course AO3's busiest day, meaning several folks are getting 502 errors when trying to post or access pages there. Sigh. I'm sorry about this. We'll get there.

This is a tentative posting schedule based on the fics that have been submitted or firmly promised by this point. There may need to be adjustments, but as a general guideline, this should be close.

I'm not listing names, for reasons that I expect are obvious. (All extensions are unique in their categories.) If your story is listed for a date you don't think will work — because you need an extra day or two of polish, for example — let me know and I'll see if I can tweak. Several of these dates are from such arrangements already, though, so there may not be much room.

Schedule under the cut. )

The above schedule is also subject to modification if I receive more responses; the last two fics will bump up a day if the Angst pinch-hit doesn't come through. Note: I have gotten formal drop-out notices of one form or another from eight authors, but I need either a fic or a drop-out from four authors, as well as a plan from the author of A/A 2a up there. If you're one of the following generically described authors, would you please let me know if you're still participating? I need either a firm commitment (I can give a short extension, slotting you in to the week two fics, if you're certain you'll be ready by then) or a drop-out, please.
- Friendship fic, freestyle, Dave & Nancy Update received
- Angst fic, prompts include "The Eyes of the White Tower"
- Angst fic, prompt "Where have you been?"
- Team fic, freestyle, AOL contact address Update received
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Greetings, authors!

The final-draft deadline of 4 June 2 June is fast approaching. Stories should be posted to the collection at AO3, which is most easily done by going directly to this link. Doing so will ensure your story posts only to the collection, without revealing you to the public.

Following the prompts on this page in order:
Cut for length ... )

Works will be visible to you, on your AO3 user page (but not in your Works subpage yet!), and they will be visible to community maintainers (me, [livejournal.com profile] leesa_perrie, and honorary maintainer [livejournal.com profile] sholio). You can edit the story as much as you need at any time.

Remember, if you have any problems at all, let me know, and you can list me as a co-author when you contact me if you need me to edit the work directly.

If you have any questions or quibbles at all, let me know! (Comments are screened for anonymity.) As new questions are asked/answered or as I encounter anything else to note, I'll edit this post, and I'll make the edits clear with the edit history below, so watch this space!
Edit History:
2240 (US EDT) 20 May 2012: Added "don't worry" clarification to "Fandom"; added entire amendment starting with "However" in "Relationships".
2152 (US EDT) 23 May 2012: Corrected final-draft deadline by strikethrough.
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Remember, if you want art, the deadline is today!

By "today", consider that to mean that it's Thursday somewhere in the world. Don't sweat hours or minutes.

Full draft submissions
If you have a draft ready, email it to the sga.genficathon user at gmail. I'd prefer that you attach a text file so that we can just transfer that file to the artist, but I can repackage if needed. Make sure to let me know if you're open to the artist knowing your identity!

Drafts should be submitted "today", but if you do finish your draft as late as Saturday 10am US EDT, you can send it along. I'll try to include it; no promises.

On Saturday, at noon US EDT, I'll post a members-only locked entry at [profile] sgagen_art that includes the header info for all submitted drafts. The header info will include a new line indicating whether the author is willing to be revealed to the artist. This entry will initially not allow comments, so that everyone has a chance to read all the entries. Fifteen minutes later, I'll switch the post to allow comments so that claiming can commence. The format will be the same as last year, with all info listed in the body of the post. (This is a tentative plan; please let me know of any problems or questions.)

Non-draft submissions
If you're not submitting a draft but want to participate in the round-two artist matching, leave a comment with your headers, including summary, here. (I'm cross-posting here, at the LJ fic comm, and in the LJ art comm; you may use any of these locations.) I will screen comments, so they will not appear publicly but I will receive notifications for them.

I'd prefer to receive those "today", but I will accept them up until noon US EDT Saturday.

On Saturday, after I open the full-draft post to claiming, I will then create a second members-only locked post at [profile] sgagen_art for the second round. For this post, I will enter each submitted header/summary as a top-level comment, with replies frozen. This should be at about 12:30 US EDT. At 1pm US EDT, I will then remove the freeze on the comments; the first artist to respond, if any, is the claiming artist for that story. No one is guaranteed a match. For claims, I will forward my notification email including the author and all header info, and that artist can then work with that author to get as much detail as possible in order to create art. (Again, this is a tentative plan; so please let me know of any problems or questions.)

Remember, if you're submitting a draft or headers for artist matching, you're committing to finishing your fic in time to have it posted in the Genficathon, so please keep that in mind if you're currently uncertain you can finish. Even if you don't have a draft ready, you should be confident you can wrap up your story within the next month.


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